Lyndsey 1965 GT 350

"The Green Machine" is a 1965 Mustang Fastback that was built by my daughter, Lyndsey Little. Lyndsey designed this sentimental, one of a kind Mustang when she was only twelve years old. I promised Lyndsey that when she turned fourteen years old she would be able to rebuild her own car under the conditions that she did two things: raise money herself to purchase the vehicle and rebuild it herself.

Lyndsey surfed through the world wide web to find the car of her dreams. She found a picture of a neon green with black stripes 1965 Shelby GT 350 Clone. I was a little overwhelmed with the contrast of colors and how unique it appeared, but it definitely reflected my daughter's personality.

She immediately began work at our local restoration shop when she was not at school to save up the money to afford her dream car. The next two years she worked extremely hard and started to learn valuable information about classic Mustangs while raising money.

Two months after she turned fourteen she found the Mustang she was going to restore. The vehicle's price reflected it's quality, three-hundred dollars. She found the car rusting away in a field in Silom Springs, Arkansas and could not have been happier to see the challenge ahead of her. Lyndsey and I travelled to Silom Springs, picked up her dream car, and began our journey home.

We finally made it home and she started on the car immediately. She stripped the car of every bolt it had and prepared it for the blasting and sheetmetal specialists.