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Steve's 1965 Mustang Fastback Restoration Rescue

Our team at Mustang 1 saved and finished this Fastback for Steve. It was being restore by a restoration shop in southern Oklahoma until Steve got a call that the shop he had it at was closing down. What Steve had was a a painted rolling shell and boxes of parts. The project was idle for 3 years till he found us.

We went through all the boxes to see what we had. There was a lot of boxes and then our team got together and started working their magic.

The first thing we did was rebuild his factory 289 2V

& his C4 automatic

The motor came out nice. Bore .030 with a .010/.010 Crank with a mild cam. New valve springs and 5 way angle job on the valves.

We added a upgraded sandan AC compressor for today's 134R Freon.

It is a neat thing to watch when all those boxes of parts start getting added to the project and watch another beautiful ride start coming together

It took a while to get all of the body panel to line up, But the finished project looked really good.

We also added new Kelsey Hayes 4 piston disc brakes. The last shop had added a Granada disc brake kit to it and would not fit the factory style steel wheels he wanted to use.

It is a lot of fun having to go for test drives in theses

beautiful classic. It is a great reward to make sure that each one of our finish builds can go home worry free.

Steve's Finished 1965 Mustang Fastback, Ready to go